The role of advertising in attracting customers

Author: Sara Watson
Published At: 3/12/2022, 9:58:18 AM

The role of advertising in attracting customers

If you look at billboards and street tracts, big newspaper ads, radio and television commercials; You will quickly find that the majority of advertising is from companies, organizations and brands that happen to needless advertising and have a thriving business.
So why spend so much money on your current thriving business, but you're still looking at the door or the phone and at best looking for a site to place free ads!
The answer to this question is in two things.

  • First, people are forgetful and need to be reminded.
  • Second: Rivals are not asleep

The bottom line is that there is no need to spend a lot of money to grow small to medium-sized businesses and increase phone and client calls.
Free advertising is definitely good, but it's not enough.
Note that the free ad is suitable for people who are looking to sell their used goods on second-hand sales sites such as Free Classified Ads like Poralist.
Even used goods have a much better chance of being seen and sold by placing paid and non-free advertisements.

Your Vision on advertising:

But you, as a businessman, businessman, specialist, ... want to sell your goods or services and earn money and trade this way; You should definitely use the special ad for a small fee...
Free advertising is fine, but it's definitely not in your class and prestige as a business or specialist.
Note that visitors often take businesses that pay for their referrals much more seriously than people who use free classifieds.
If your ad expires on the site and expires (even if it is free), be sure to renew it.
Do not despair. Success is about perseverance and perseverance. People need to see you, as long as you believe in yourself and show them that you value yourself and your business.
Note that the special ad will attract much more visitors than the free ad, and as a result, your phone call and the so-called ringtone will be much more.
Your competitors will take advantage of your advertising negligence and may sell their goods or services to customers with a quality much lower than your goods and services, easily and even more expensively.


They can easily get you out of the competition with the right use of advertising and low cost; So be careful and be sure that spending a small amount of money to insert a special ad will bring you great results and profits.