15 key and important points to post an effective free ad

Author: Sara Watson
Published At: 3/14/2022, 5:08:25 AM

15 key and important points to post an effective free ad

Important points for registering useful ads and free advertisements in the most visited advertising site (15 key and important points for Post Free Ads and Free Advertisements) are presented in this section.


Attractive Title for Ad:

Choose an attractive and catchy title for your ad.

Write the title of your ad in a way that encourages the user to click on your ad.

List the top features and benefits of your product or service in the ad title.

If you have a business in a city other than Tehran, provide the name of your city in the title of the ad.

If you offer services or products in a specific neighbourhood of Sydney, provide the name of the relevant neighbourhood in the ad title.

The title of your ad is the gateway to your ad. The better you write your ad title, the more likely you are to attract your customer.

Write the text of your ad in full, comprehensive and convincing.

Bring the comments of your satisfied customers in the text of the Ads.


In the text of the ad, instead of talking about yourself, talk about the benefits that your product and service have for the customer.


Keep Writing

Keep writing as long as you present something new and the text you write helps the user get to know your product or service better. If the content you write in the ad is not useful to the user and does not help him in recognizing your product, do not talk too much.

In the text of the advertisement, provide the address of your company and place of work. This helps to gain the customer's trust.

Write the text of your ad clearly. Try not to have spelling errors in the text of the ad.

Choose a good and suitable photo for your advertisement. In the present website (Poralist), you can select up to 10 photos for each ad. Photos and tips will help you better understand your services and products and gain the trust of the user.

It is much more effective if you can take real and original photos of your products. If you provide services, you can show the people of your company while working. Do not miss the opportunity to insert an image to increase the impact and efficiency of your ad.


Choose keywords:

Choose keywords for your ad. Keywords to help a lot in indexing your ads by Google. By choosing the right keywords, you will increase the chances of your ad being seen.

Imagine what terms your products and services customers use in Google to find the product and service they want that you offer the same products and services.

Think of the same phrases as keywords for your ad. On the present website (Poralist) you can choose up to 10 keywords for each ad.

If you want, specialize your ad. The benefits of inserting special ads and promotions are provided below.

For information on the cost of registering a visa ad after registering on this site and entering the control panel, click on the special ad registration tariff in the control panel. Special Ad Benefits:


  1. Special ads are always displayed on the main page of Poralist website without the need for "updates".


  1. By clicking on each ad, special ads will be displayed to the user at the left and top of the page. Featured ads will be displayed on more pages and completely related to users' searches, and the chances of being seen will be much higher.


  1. Users trust more special ads and the efficiency of special ads is higher. Inserting a special advertisement means that the advertiser has enough confidence in his services and goods and is willing to pay for his advertisement to attract the attention of real visitors and customers.


  1. In the internal pages of the site, special ads will be displayed higher than other ads.

Note: The more stars your ad has, the higher its display position on the page compared to other ads.

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