How to write free classified ads content

Author: Sara Watson
Published At: 3/14/2022, 5:40:20 AM

How to write free classified ads content

In this section, explanations are provided on how to write the text of advertisements and free internet advertisements.

One of the most important parts for advertising on the Internet to be positive and effective is the text of the Free Classified Ads. If the ad text is well written, it will turn the visitor into a customer.

The text of the advertisement can indirectly have a positive effect on increasing the number of ad hits.

If the Ads text is well written, it will be credited to Google and will drive more visitors to it.

Increase ad Traffic

Of course, there are other things that are important to increase ad traffic:

1- The more credible the site you advertise on and the more visitors it has, the more your ad will be seen.

2- Registration of ads in the appropriate grouping.

In the same site of Poralist, for example, if you are active in the field of Kish tour, you may place your advertisement in the domestic tour group, but there is also a Kish tour group on this site.

To advertise in the group that is most relevant.

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3- Ad photo and ad title: When visitors enter the site, they click on items that have a more attractive photo and a better title among the various ads. The title should be clear and concise and give a good promise to the user and be attractive to click on.

The above can increase the ad traffic, but as mentioned, the main function of the ad text is to turn visitors into customers.

The title of the ad is like a shop window that draws the customer into the store (if it is well arranged) and the ad text is like a good quality Chance inside the store that makes the person who enters the store eventually buy and become a customer.

Be. So if you want your ads to become a call and a customer if they get a visit, be sure to write your ad text well.

The following can be helpful in this regard:

1- The text of the advertisement must be complete and comprehensive. Many people write only one or two lines or copy the same title when advertising.

Put yourself in the customer's shoes and present content in the text that is both advisory and helps the customer make a better choice.

If you honestly want to give useful information to customers and try to benefit them and your text reflects the same view, you will be very successful.

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2- Take time to write the text of your ads. Offer a price and discuss the factors that affect the price of your services and goods and show that you offer a good price for your goods or services. Know your customers' concerns and talk about them.

Because there are so many ads on the Internet, the biggest problem users have is that they do not know who to trust. Build trust in your ad text.


Customer Priority & Concerns

The customer should be given priority and talk about their concerns and important issues.

Of course, show with evidence that you are reliable and professional in your field of work. A very good solution is to give information to customers.

For example, if you are active in the field of company registration, in addition to introducing yourself well in the text of the advertisement, give users information about how to register a company, its steps, the costs it must incur, and so on.

Show that you know your job well. There may be a very important point in this regard, and if you provide it, your customer's time and costs will be saved and based on this useful information, this person will contact you from different companies to receive services.

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3- As mentioned, the ad text can turn the visitor into a customer. Count on it a lot and do not copy from other sites or from other ads.

The more good and unique the text, the more likely you are to attract your customer.

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